About Rev. Sarah

Rev. Sarah Mae Dahlberg is a compassionate Minister who has a deep passion for helping individuals on their spiritual journeys. With a background in religious studies and a strong belief in the importance of community engagement, Sarah has dedicated her life to supporting those who have historically been suppressed, including those struggling with mental health issues and developmental disabilities.

As a Minister, Sarah takes a peer support approach to counseling and guiding individuals who come to her for help. She believes that each person knows what is best for themselves and she is there to offer a listening ear and provide resources to help individuals lead themselves to their authentic truths.

Sarah recognizes the importance of balancing her personal beliefs and values with the needs and beliefs of her congregation. She does not push a prescriptive lifestyle on people, but instead believes that everyone's needs are personal and unique, requiring diversity in society to truly evolve. Sarah is a firm believer of impermanence, and encourages individuals to appreciate the quality of an experience over the quantitative value of its relationship.

One of the most rewarding experiences for Sarah is performing weddings, as they are filled with hope and are always memorable. She also enjoys chatting with individuals about life and learning something new each time.

To continue learning and growing as a Minister, Sarah is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology from the University of Calgary. She is currently working on her thesis for her Masters of Metaphysical Sciences from the University of Sedona. Sarah offers support to individuals upgrading before applying to post secondary institutions, as knowledge influences emotions and emotions are the core of spirituality.

Sarah is a nomadic minister who participates in both secular and non-secular communities. She travels between different communities, sharing the teachings of her faith with those she encounters, while also engaging with and learning from diverse communities. Along the way, Sarah volunteers at non-profit organizations and participates in community events, fostering a sense of connection and social responsibility. She remains committed to her spiritual practices, engaging in prayer, meditation, or other forms of devotion as she journeys from place to place. For Sarah, spirituality and service are intertwined, as she strives to create a more compassionate and just world while also seeking to deepen her own connection to the divine.

In the coming years, Sarah hopes to continue spreading kindness and being an active and engaging part of society. She believes that laughter, tears, and social connections are crucial components to a fulfilling life and looks forward to helping individuals find meaning and purpose in theirs.