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The notes may contain sensitive information and mature language or themes. It is advisable to exercise your own judgment when utilizing these resources. I don't claim any ownership of the information provided below. I've used images from sources that I received during my own education. The science, math, and English-related information also belongs to their respective owners. As science consistently evolves, this information has the potential to become outdated. Everything has been confirmed as academically correct as of 2020 in Alberta. There is always the possibly of any errors. Please be aware that you're using the information at your own discretion.
Biology 181 (Alberta)
English (Alberta)
Physics 181 (Alberta)

As a nomadic minister, I frequently encounter new faces and don't have regular interactions with the same people each week. To disseminate my teachings, I also share my lectures as blog posts, thereby contributing to the spread of knowledge.


March 19, 2023
Sunday Sermons: The Mandalorian in March Part III
March 18, 2023
Saturday Sessions: The Power of Truth-Telling
March 17, 2023
Fantastic Fridays: Connecting to the Divine through Music and Animals
March 16, 2023
Thursday Tutoring: Understanding the Intensity of Math 181 in Alberta
March 15, 2023
Wellness Wednesdays: Navigating Feelings with the Wheel
March 14, 2023
Tuesday Tutoring: Understanding Unit Conversion in Math and Sciences
March 13, 2023
Monday Magic: Unlocking the Magic of Planning, Goal-Setting, and Spiritual Tools for Success
March 12, 2023
Sunday Sermons: The Mandalorian in March Part II
March 11, 2023
Saturday Sessions: Compassion as a Spiritual Practice
March 10, 2023
Fantastic Fridays: Screaming for More
March 9, 2023
Thursday Tutoring: Understanding Radicals in Math and Spirituality
March 8, 2023
Wellness Wednesday: Space and DBT
March 7, 2023
Tuesday Tutoring: Exploring the Role of Stoichiometry and Unit Tracking in Different Fields and its Connection to All Faiths Leading to God
March 6, 2023
Monday Magic: Community and Space
March 5, 2023
Sunday Sermons: The Mandalorian in March Part I
March 4, 2023
Saturday Sessions: Confronting the Shadows of Our Past
March 3, 2023
Fantastic Fridays: Finding Gratitude and Mindfulness in the Face of Adversity
March 2, 2023
Thursday Tutoring: Strengthening Math Literacy for Spiritual Growth
March 1, 2023
Wednesday Wellness: When to take a Break
February 26, 2023
Sunday Sermons: The Intersection of Love and Spirituality in Cross-Cultural Romantic Comedies
February 25, 2023
Saturday Sessions:
February 19, 2023
Sunday Sermons: The Role of Mindfulness in Romantic Comedies: Staying Present in the Moment
February 18, 2023
Saturday Sessions: The Blessing in Disguise: How My Brain Injury Strengthened My Spirituality
February 12, 2023
Sunday Sermons: The Illusion of Perfection in Romantic Comedies: Learning to Embrace Imperfection in Relationships
February 11, 2023
Saturday Sessions: How Understanding My Brain Helped Me Heal
February 5, 2023
Sunday Sermons: Finding Love and Spirituality in Romantic Comedies
February 4, 2023
Saturday Sessions: My Journey with mTBI: Finding Hope in the Story of Phineas Gage
January 29, 2023
Sunday Sermons: Wednesday Addams: A Champion of Indigenous Rights in the Addams Family Franchise
January 28, 2023
Saturday Sessions: From Community to University to Ministry: How My Educational Journey Strengthened My Spirituality and Sense of Purpose
January 22, 2023
Sunday Sermons: Embracing the Shadow: The Addams Family's Approach to Spiritual Balance
January 21, 2023
Saturday Sessions: The Spiritual Journey of Shirley Bennett: How Her Community College Experience Inspired Me
January 15, 2023
Sunday Sermons: Gomez Addams: Embracing Unconventional Love and Family
January 14, 2023
Saturday Sessions: Community and Spiritual Growth: Finding Inspiration in Abed Nadir's Journey
January 8, 2023
Sunday Sermons: Morticia Addams: A Feminine Icon of Strength and Independence
January 7, 2023
Saturday Sessions: My Journey Back to School and the Lessons Learned from Community
January 1, 2023
Sunday Sermons: Embracing Uniqueness: Lessons on Spiritual Growth from the Addams Family
December 31, 2022
Saturday Sessions: A New Beginning: Redesigning My Website as I Embrace My Anxiety, ADHD, and Spiritual Self
December 29, 2022
Thursday Tutoring: Finding Spiritual Connection Through Community Adventures
December 28, 2022
Wednesday Wellness: Finding Wellness and Connection through Shared Hobbies
December 25, 2022
Sunday Sermons: Embracing Diversity during the Holiday Season: Understanding the Pagan Roots of Christmas
December 24, 2022
Saturday Sessions: ADHD and Anxiety, How Medication and Mindfulness Helped Me Connect with My Spirituality
December 23, 2022
Fantastic Fridays: Finding Inner Peace in the Chaos of a Busy Mall: The Power of Being Present with Others
December 22, 2022
Thursday Tutoring: Silent Strength in the Community
December 18, 2022
Sunday Sermons: Building Bridges during the Holiday Season: Embracing Common Values between Christianity and Agnosticism
December 17, 2022
Saturday Sessions: The Role of Exercise in Managing Anxiety: My Experience
December 15, 2022
Thursday Tutoring: Community Connections: The Importance of Going Out of Your Way to See Loved Ones
December 14, 2022
Wednesday Wellness: Embracing Resilience and Spirituality
December 11, 2022
Sunday Sermons: Celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas as an Agnostic Minister: Finding Common Ground in the Holiday Season
December 10, 2022
Saturday Sessions: My Experience with Mindfulness Meditation: A Tool for Managing Anxiety
December 7, 2022
Wednesday Wellness: Finding Joy in Giving: The Spirituality of Charity and Self-Care
December 4, 2022
Sunday Sermons: Celebrating Christmas as an Agnostic Minister: A Time for Interfaith Dialogue and Understanding with Muslim Neighbors
December 3, 2022
Saturday Sessions: "First We Make the Beast Beautiful": A Roadmap for Overcoming Anxiety
December 2, 2022
Fantastic Fridays: Finding Spiritual Connection in the Present Moment
December 1, 2022
Thursday Tutoring: The Intersection of Learning, Growth, and Spirituality: My Bowling Day Helping a Friend with Literacy