Sunday Sermons: Wednesday Addams: A Champion of Indigenous Rights in the Addams Family Franchise

Sunday Sermons: Wednesday Addams: A Champion of Indigenous Rights in the Addams Family Franchise

January 29, 2023
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As a non-denominational minister, I find inspiration in unexpected places. One such place is the Addams Family franchise, particularly the character of Wednesday Addams. The franchise has been vocal about Indigenous rights through the character of Wednesday, and I believe this is an important example of how spiritual growth and activism can go hand in hand.

In "Addams Family Values," Wednesday and her brother attend a summer camp where they encounter stereotypes and cultural appropriation. Wednesday rebels against the camp's white-washed version of Thanksgiving by leading her fellow campers in a historically accurate retelling of the holiday's violent origins during a play arranged for the parents to view, bringing attention to the mistreatment of Indigenous people.

From a spiritual perspective, this moment in the film can be seen as a call to acknowledge the harmful effects of cultural erasure and to work towards justice and reconciliation with marginalized communities. Wednesday's refusal to participate in the dominant culture's whitewashing of history demonstrates a commitment to truth-telling and respect for the experiences and perspectives of others, a value that can be relevant in many spiritual traditions.

This storyline is a powerful example of how fictional characters can inspire real-world activism. By using her platform to advocate for Indigenous rights, Wednesday Addams is showing us that spiritual growth is not just about personal enlightenment, but also about social justice and activism. Her actions remind us that we all have a responsibility to use our privilege and power to make the world a better place.

As a non-denominational minister, I believe that spiritual growth and activism are interconnected. When we seek to deepen our connection to the divine, we also become more aware of the injustices and inequalities in the world around us. By following in the footsteps of Wednesday Addams and other fictional characters who stand up for what is right, we can make a positive difference in the world and bring about real change.