The Danger of Attachment: Lessons from Lydia in Beetlejuice
The Danger of Attachment: Lessons from Lydia in Beetlejuice

The Danger of Attachment: Lessons from Lydia in Beetlejuice

May 21, 2023
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In the movie Beetlejuice, Lydia, one of the main characters, becomes obsessed with death and the afterlife. This obsession ultimately leads her to inadvertently summon Beetlejuice and puts her and her family in danger. Lydia's journey raises an interesting spiritual concept: the danger of attachment.

Attachment is a common theme in many spiritual traditions, from Buddhism to Hinduism to Taoism. The basic idea is that becoming too attached to certain ideas, outcomes, or even material possessions can cause suffering. When we become attached to something, we create a dependency on it, and if that thing is taken away or doesn't go as planned, we experience pain and discomfort.

In Lydia's case, her attachment to the idea of death and the afterlife led her to take risks that put herself and her loved ones in danger. She was so consumed by her obsession that she couldn't see the potential consequences of her actions. This is a cautionary tale about the importance of recognizing our attachments and their potential effects on our lives.

Recognizing our attachments is the first step to overcoming them. We can learn to detach ourselves from certain outcomes and ideas by developing a sense of non-attachment or detachment. This doesn't mean we can't care or have goals, but rather that we accept whatever happens without clinging too tightly to any one outcome.

Spiritual practices such as meditation, mindfulness, and prayer can help us cultivate non-attachment and break free from the chains of attachment. In addition, service to others and focusing on something greater than ourselves can help us shift our focus away from our attachments and towards a greater purpose.

The character of Lydia in Beetlejuice serves as a reminder of the dangers of attachment and the importance of letting go of our desires and expectations. By recognizing our attachments and developing a sense of non-attachment, we can free ourselves from the cycle of suffering and live a more fulfilling life.