Thursday Tutoring: Strengthening Math Literacy for Spiritual Growth
Thursday Tutoring: Strengthening Math Literacy for Spiritual Growth

Thursday Tutoring: Strengthening Math Literacy for Spiritual Growth

March 2, 2023
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As I work with the developmentally disabled community, I noticed a lack of engaging and age-appropriate games that help build strong math literacy skills. In an effort to fill this gap, I created a game inspired by Uno that encourages the use of math skills in a friendly and competitive environment.

The game, which I have named "Solution Scuffle", consists of different decks that cover various math topics such as basic arithmetic, fractions, exponents, and more. Each deck will come with a laminated scratch pad and dry erase markers, making it easy to play and reuse the game multiple times.

But the game is more than just a fun way to strengthen math skills. I believe that developing strong math literacy is an important tool for spiritual growth. Through math, we can better understand the world that God created and the intricate systems that govern it. Additionally, having strong math skills can help us make better financial decisions, understand complex theological concepts, and even appreciate the beauty of God's creation through concepts like geometry and trigonometry.

My hope is that "Solution Scuffle" will not only help build stronger math literacy skills but also deepen the spiritual connection of those who play it. I encourage players to approach the game with a spirit of curiosity and playfulness, knowing that every calculation and every round is an opportunity for growth and learning.

I believe that math literacy is an essential tool for spiritual growth and that "Solution Scuffle" is a fun and engaging way to develop those skills. Whether you are a student looking to improve your math skills or an adult looking for a fun way to connect with others while learning, we hope you'll give our game a try.

Currently, the game is in a prototype phase. After testing it within different communities, I will be releasing the game and also providing a walkthrough of how to play the game without purchasing it.

Spirituality is free, and so are the tools I provide the community to strengthen it.